Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Busy as a Bee...

Been sooooo busy. The Craft Show keeps me dedicated to just that for the week before. But it's all over now and was a huge success. It gets better every time! And I really love coordinating them. Sold all 5 of my fingerless mitts! Wow! If only I'd known I'd have made more.

But now, it's back to knitting knitting knitting!!! Dug out some photos of some past projects. Crazy me, forgot to photograph the fingerless mitts. :( Oh well. Here are some photos of past, present and future!!

That's little Pacey (almost 2) with a hat I whipped up from some VERRRRRY old yarn. He liked it!  And then a scarf I made from some beautiful and soft Marble Chunky.

These are 2 sets of dishcloths I made for Carrie's girls to give their teachers at the end of the last school year. Took a beaded knitting class and made the beaded scarf on the right. It turned out beautifully. Gave it to my great friend Lori for her birthday.

This was my first attempt at socks. I love this yarn. The colors are really bright and vivid. They hooked me.

Made one of the famous Grrlfriend Market Bags finally. What fun. Another addiction I see. This was made out of the special Breast Cancer cotton they come out with once a year. Have several more of these lined up.

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