Friday, May 11, 2012

Finally got a LOT of pictures off my camera. I need to keep up with this instead of waiting so long in between uploading these pics!! Here are a few of my latest knitting adventures...

This is a blanket my daughter, Carrie, made for someone. I made the fish and the turtle and then sewed all the animals on for her. It turned out really cute!!

A shawl for my friend's mother for Mother's Day. She lives in Dallas. She's been like a second mom to me for over 50 years!!! A very special lady!

Dropped stitch scarf! What fun to make! I call them Magic Scarves because of the construction! The silver was for a friend of Mom's and the red one is for Mom for Mother's Day. Luckily, she doesn't read my blog!

This little baby set was for a co-worker of Kevin's. It turned out so cute! And worked up really fast.

 For the past three years, me and my daughter have been making scarves for Special Olympics. These are the scarves I made this year and sent to Rhode Island. What a fun project. And a great excuse to buy yarn!

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